DevOps Engineer

Duties and responsibilities

  • The ideal candidate will focus on understanding business products, provide engineering leadership and delivery focus.
  • The applicant will be responsible for driving the adoption of software engineering best practices, and innovative product introduction and implementation using SAFe methodology.
  • The applicant must have excellent analytical and technical skills coupled with the ability to deliver effectively.
  • The applicant will be part of a team that demands architectural and technical excellence; whose members are expected to hold each other accountable in the overall success of the output.

Job Requirements

  • Participate in the design, definition, planning, development, and implementation of projects and evaluate conforming to CIGNA’s Software Development Best Practices.
  • Provide technical expertise through a hands-on approach to teams.
  • Perform peer-code reviews.
  • Associate business goals back to agile epics, features, user stories, and tasks.
  • Responsible for the deliverable.
  • Ask smart questions, take risks and champion new ideas.
  • Business oriented and able to communicate at all levels.
  • Ensure adherence to existing strategic direction and architectural strategies.
  • Embraces the agile delivery process by releasing business value incrementally into production.
  • Is frugal and tries to deliver more with less.
  • Transfer key knowledge and code ownership to the team.
  • Mentor talent and cultivate new team members.
  • Foster an environment where business is involved in the project and aware of key decisions, issues, and functionality.

Requirement and Skills

  • Experience in Software Engineering and best practices commensurate to the duties outlined above.
  • Experience with different programming languages – C++, Java, Python, Scala – along with ability to pick up new languages.
  • Experience with cloud technologies – specifically within the AWS ecosystem – DevOps, Databricks, Airflow, YAML, Spark, S3.
  • Past demonstrable programming work – Exposure to big data technologies – Hadoop, Hive, Kafka.
  • Strong expertise with DevOps tools and approaches, and engineering products to be both reliable and adaptable.
  • Experience of deploying and managing large-scale, cloud-based solutions.
  • Experience creating benchmark tests, designing for scalability and performance, and designing/integrating large-scale systems.
  • Ability to perform analysis of business problems and technical environments.
  • Proven track record of success in challenging the status quo, implementing new ideas and designs with a practical orientation.
  • Ability to think strategically and implement iteratively.
  • Ability to estimate financial impact of design/architecture alternatives.
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.
    Solid oral and written communication skills.
  • Track record and a passion for being a team player. You take the lead when needed and also coach and develop others when needed.
  • Be passionate about resolving user pain points through great design.
  • Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
  • Be passionate about all things big data of design and innovation.
  • Research and showcase knowledge in the industry’s latest trends and technologies.

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