About Us

Who We Are

Exquis Apps is a subsidiary of Exquis Group that is focused on translating ideas and concepts to finished apps and products.

It was founded and incorporated in January 2018 but has then grown into an engaged team of professionals spread across the world.

Our team uses the Agile methodology to develop in-house products and those outsourced to us.

Our Process


With your ideas, we sit with you to devise the best way to implement and translate them to finished products.


Apply in-house expertise in determining the best approach, designs, processes, systems and technologies for your products.


Leverage on our team’s proficiency and experience to implement your ideas using cutting edge technologies.


Achieve product deployment incrementally using reliable, robust and secure pipelines.

Exquis Values

Our company’s foundation is built on values that distinguish us and guide our actions to deliver results. We conduct our business in a standard, professional, and effective manner. We do this by ensuring that our clients and stakeholders come along with us every step of the way.

We prioritize these 4 values:


We operate by a professional code of conduct and our team is trained to follow through on them.

Hard Work

Our work ethic encourages diligence to work and a strong determination to overcome roadblocks


This encompasses strong moral character, loyalty, fairness and integrity.

Mutual Respect

We recognize and reward unique contributions, celebrating diversity and the differences that unite us.